Alex's story - Smarty

Years ago in 1963

Alex story

The Banana family

1st month of tennis lesson 2019

key take away when watching my son lesson for the last 4 sessions

Alex story

This one makes me giggle

Alex little story

Just a little story ... well about me and a rat

Alex's Story

Blue Bird

Alex story

Little Penguin

Learning and Teaching with Raspberry Pi

For parent, teachers and kids.

My son little story

Greeny Bee

Wednesday links

Cutting hair - 4th Nov 2018

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Learn to draw - daily

Draw one thing a day

Wednesday liks

Warming up

We all need to warm up by doing something.

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Wish to myself


list of those on the Internet that I have great admiration for and try to learn as much I can from

Minimalist tablet for reading

wishlist: kindle or this

Fooled by randomness

Book by Nassim Taleb - some notes from re reading Nov 2018

Notes from Mastering The Market Cycle by Howard Marks

Reading Oct 2018


When you have a good question, you are already halfway toward the answer. But, how to have a good question?

Tennis practice plan

On court practice drills for Nov 2018

Start Small, Stay Small Book by Rob Walling

Reading March 2017

Notes from Thinking In Bets by Annie Duke

Reading April 2018

My son's draws

Pieces by pieces, day by day