Cutting hair - 4th Nov 2018


I accidentally cut my son hair with no clip on the first cut ( number zero). Realized after just half a second that I forgot to put on the clip ( a typical number two), but it was too late.

My son is 7 years old. I did cut his hair for more than 7 years, countless times each year, it is the first time I make such a mistake.

He cried for a while.

But later, he seems to forget about it.

My son said he will still go to school the next few days. In his frustration, he said: "Dad, if you cut me like that, you should do one to yourself as well - to be fair".

Admittedly I scare. How could I go to work with one clip off the mark on my head? I said nothing. It is my fault after all. I have no right to protect myself. Lucky for me, he only asked once.

Why can't I do it? Is it a double standard going on here? Is it more "serious" at my workplace than his school's yard? I asked him to take this as an opportunity to learn how to resist from his friends laugh ( if any), but I scared to think how I can react if people look at me at work.

As a recommendation from the world-renowned psychologist - Philip Zimbardo: Everyone should try once in their life to spend a whole day with a square on their forehead and walking around to see whether you can resist the reaction from people surrounding you.

My son can have one now. When do I do it?

For the last few weeks, I :

  1. Learn to play a song in piano to see how hard it is to learn to play an unfamiliar thing
  2. Take to a tennis lesson to learn how to perform a proper serve in tennis.

All that to appreciate what my son is dealing with in his daily practice so that I don't have any judgmental toward him. When you know how hard it is for yourself, you can feel more empathy toward what others are going through.

No angry when others not getting it. You have no reason ( and right) to do so.