1st month of tennis lesson 2019


1. Shot selection

Be aware of the position by dividing the court into 4 zones. Effectively using forehand in most of the zones.

Picture the zone as A | B | C | D. A and B are right to the forehand zones, with C, using the inside out forehand ( recommended) or backhand. D is backhand.

There is an in-depth article about this

2. Footwork with forehand and backhand

  1. What foot use to step in when moving side way and forward.

  2. When moving sideways, try open stance.

  3. When moving forward, use a natural stance. Remember to bring the behind foot forward. Hign elbow when finish, maintain the balance when finishing the shot

3. The serve

This is the biggest project for Alex this year. No matter how hard we need to work on this, we need to get this right.

Few keys:

  1. Toss the ball forward up, not straight up.
  2. The tossing arm needs to hold straight up. (not bending elbow). Remaining up.
  3. Not swinging the racquet when finishing the serve ( ballerina swing).
  4. Maintain balance after the serve.