Start Small, Stay Small Book by Rob Walling


Reading: March 2017

The ultimate guide for those who can code (a.k.a developers) to actually take a forward step: building a little business out of it.

As my concept of business: Making a profit by providing a value through a product to one or more customer(s)

The questions we need to ask

We need to outsource tasks

You don’t have to do everything.

Instead of spending 5 to 6 hours to do a task, you can spend 5 minutes to do a task description and spin off to VA at cost from $6 to $20/hour

How much do you save here? We may assign $$ to this. But the most critical point I see is that we can save a lot of mental power for other things

Graphic design is the best place to start outsource.

Need to know your rate? Full time employment, freelancer,… find out your $$$/hour. Have that as a guidline to make decision about outsourching


Here are again But important, we need to be aware of every single hour or down to minute of how we spend them.

Eith work hard or Play hard. NOT. At. The. Same. Tme

Ask this question everyday: : I’m working hard to cross of thing in my todos list or to re-ensersing myselft?

If neither of them. Stop and reavlauinte your mmoment

Create a habit of taking action notes

Deleberite reading
Learng something from a reading, convert that to an action note. The more specific, the better


Remember this priotity

  1. Market
  2. Marketing
  3. Desing
  4. Functionality


The riches are in the niches

This is where we need to go.

Don’t go wide, go deep.

1. Research to spot the niches.
Q: Is it a better system to search and store the idea for better recall?

  1. Evaluating
    4-Hour work week mantra:

Don’t create a demand. Leave that to someone else. Filling exsting demand is the way to go.

Interesting: A 36 words blog “Make your own magazine cover” generate about 30 visits a month. That is a niche for its own right. So, may be we just need a simple blog about something and run an analytical report to see what it leads to.

Some links to help niches searching process.
Online industry with Entrepreneur

Some key metric when thinking about traffic

Tips If you follow Noah Kagan blog, we mentioned numersous time what he called “Quantum based marketing” – going backward

Everything start from a KEYWORD

Type of products that we can develop

The sale funnel