Daily questions collection

As someone said: when you have a good question, you are already halfway toward the answer. But, how to have a good question?

Feb 2017

DON'T ask Why bother? DO ask Why not?

When you try, you have a chance of succeeding. When you don't try at all, you have nothing to hope for.


Questions for my son's piano teacher (his second lesson)

#1 Should I buy a metronome?

A: Don't waste money. There is an app for it. Q: I've already downloaded the app. What speed should I set for him to practice? A:50 to 60 will be fine to begin with.

#2 When my son practice at home, what should we focus on? what should we less focus on?

Taking the lesson from TF into practice :) The answer from the teacher somewhat not satisfy me.


To question that Tim Ferriss ask the coach when he just start any skill (tennis in this case when he talked on hi podcast)

#1 What should I focus on?

#2 What should I less focus on?


#1 Who do you want to imitate his/her writing? A. Derek Siver


These are from Tim Ferriss book - Tool of Titan

#1 If this were the only thing I accomplished today, would I be satisfied with my day?

#2 Will moving this forward make all the other to-dos unimportant or easier to knock off later?

#3 What, if done, will make all of the rest easier or irrelevant?


#1 > 'What can you tell me so that within one hour I leave here and take the best photo I've ever taken?" - James Altucher To Chase Jarvis

From this formula, imaging we see someone that we admired about their skill and want to learn something

  1. What can you tell me so that within one house I leave here and I can write the best short blog post I've ever written? :)
  2. or I can make my php/javascript code better
  3. or I can swim faster without kicking my legs to death
  4. or I can read faster
  5. or I can speak better
  6. or I can look better
  7. or ...

# 2017-01-18

#1 Who did you help yesterday? How did you feel after?

#2 What was the activity that after done it, you feel joy? The flip side is

#3 What was the activity that after done int, you feel that you had just wasted valuable time?

2017 -01-17

#1 What will your day look like 1 year from now?

(Notes: I listened to How to Design a Life – Debbie Millman — Tim Ferriss yesterday on the way to work. The idea is for 10 years but I love it so much that I will do it for both 1 year and 10 years) The core ideas: Dream big, nothing hold back. Remember, it is for you. ONLY you. From the minute you wake up at 5AM to the minute you go to bed, how the day looks like. Do it, and read it every day, week, month or year..whatever suits you.

#2 Have I tracked down every single hour that I spent yesterday?

#3 Did I spend a great amount of time on "career capital building" activities? If so, what was it? How many hours?

#4 What was the most "time wasted" activity that can be eliminated altogether from now on?

#5 Did I discover anything that interested me greatly that I can apply to my daily life right now?

#6 What did I do anything yesterday toward to go of building XYZ in x months?